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Throughout our history, we have had the pleasure of working alongside major organizations.


By doing what we love and having amazing customers, we create lasting partnerships.

Developing software and delivering results through consulting is the basics. True success is doing that for years, with the same partners and across multiple projects. Continuous co-creation optimizes results through mutual learning.

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Development and maintenance of the Agenda TellMe platform, a communication channel between school and students/parents: web system, smartphone application and integrations with organization partners.



Together with Neurotech, we developed the web platforms that are used in some of its products. These platforms connect to the artificial intelligence systems they have developed.

Plataforma Neurotech

FAST has been one of our strategic partners for IT solutions and we are jointly embarking on some innovative projects in our market. This journey has really been one of a strong partnership, growth, and yes, evolutionary success on such goals. We believe that this partnership will press forward, filled with many challenges overcome and bold plans for the future!

Leonardo Sávio, CIO & CHRO at dnata


Fast Soluções has been a great partner in the development of essential solutions for Neurotech customers. Despite the challenges, we have been able to come together and meet market demands by developing applications and systems of the highest quality that have raised our satisfaction indicators among users of these solutions.

Anderson Santana, Scrum Master at Neurotech


The Fast team worked with us twice and on both occasions they showed great commitment and dedication in the activities conducted. The result of the work was that they managed to generate a quality product for us in a short time.

Vinícius Alcoforado, Pitang Project Manager.


Since 2005, FAST has been working for C.E.S.A.R in projects in the following areas: information systems, POS software, device driver development and embedded software.

On all occasions, the commitment and great technical competence of the FAST team were fundamental for the project’s success. We look forward to continuing our partnership with FAST for years to come.

Benedito Alberto Macedo, Chief Project Manager at C.E.S.A.R.


The complexity and competitiveness of software development has made the ICT market costly and little is resolved within the expected deadlines. In this relationship with WPD, FAST proved itself to be a trusted software development factory. With speed in selecting a competent team, it was able to meet the deadline requests, cost and expected quality.

Jaime Galvão, Plant Manager at WPD


The services were provided competently and by the expected deadlines. This is the reason for our satisfaction.

Marco Tulio, Comptroller’s Office at UFPE


The FAST team was able to provide solutions to technological limitations in a highly competent manner, in addition to quickly adapting to the agile methodology used at WPD, without exaggerated formalism and without compromising product quality.

A soma desses fatores certamente contribuiu para atender a expectativa dos envolvidos e consequentemente o sucesso do projeto. É uma equipe diferenciada.

Alberto Granja, Project Manager at WPD


I had the opportunity to hire software development services from FAST as CEO of Pintang and WPD. I was completely satisfied. Today at BRAVA I intend to have FAST as one of our main partners.

Fred Arruda, Executive Director at BRAVA Autonomia


The correct prioritization of software projects, qualifying quality and scope in an appropriate amount of time, are fundamental factors for the success of software development. FAST and SHANTI formed a partnership to execute the GMPS project as of the estimative phase, where the main objective was the delivery of a quality product.

Jaime Galvão, Executive Director at SHANTI


During the relationship with Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia, FAST proved to be quite committed to the expected results. The FAST professionals were properly prepared to conduct the project and were able to serve us with quality, within the expected timeframe and with a strong cost-benefit ratio.

Sandro Alves, Director of Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia

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